The Pigsty Studio

In the Spotlight for September - An Apache Blessing

The "Apache Wedding Blessing" is not part of Apache culture. It entered popular consciousness when it made its way into the 1950's film 'Broken Arrow', adapted from the novel 'Blood Brother'. The film starred James Stewart amd Deborah Paget and was nominated for three Academy Awards. It won a Golden Globe award for 'Best Film Promoting International Understanding' and made history as the first major Western since the Second World War to portray the Indians sympathetically.

The formal italic script was selected to give a light and warm feeling to the piece. I have carefullly chosen honeysuckle, the emblem of fidelity, affection and devotion, a plant which is often used to shade a bower or love arbour, the bond of love. The Orange tip butterflies, a male and female of varied size and markings, the same but different, to symbolise the necessary space in togetherness.