The Pigsty Studio

In the Spotlight for November - The Kings and Queens of England

(Limited edition prints available soon)

This is a mnemonic verse listing the monarchs ruling in England since William the Conqueror. It was traditionally used by English school children in the era when rote learning formed a major part of the curriculum.

When I was asked to produce this as a commission it was like a prayer being answered. A piece I had considered working on for some time.
Normally the required letter style shouts out to me, but with this, a thousand years of history represented in a dozen lines left me with much to consider! Caroline with tall assenders and deep elegant curves was my answer, a script which requires wide interline spacing.

The list needed to be interlaced with more detail, this space gave me an opportunity to hold everything together with a timeline of dates. All is enhanced by a column of badges and arms of each royal household. The contemporary royal insignia gives punctuation, the crest with rampant lion and unicorn is bordered by a selection of the more important battles and events in English history. I hope you find it an interesting concise history lesson which can be refered to time and time again.