Lord of the Rings Baggins Family Tree

Family trees are a popular request and naturally the content is very personal so not suitable for public display. This is what inspired me to create this example using the fictional Baggins family from J R R Tolkien's, Lord of the Rings. He provides a great depth of information about the characters in the appendices and so I have combined this information to create one family tree which includes all the main characters of his famous works. Samwise Gamgee, the true hero of the tale, is also included with details of his family.

The tree is written in Carolingian style, a hand with both Medieval and modern qualities to suit the feel of Middle Earth. The piece is enhanced with lines from one of Bilbo Baggins most well known songs, 'The road goes ever on and on', reflecting the nature of a family tree which continues to grow with each generation, following the traditions of family names such as Young Frodo son of Sam and Rosie.