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In the Spotlight for July

Commemorative Certificate in honour of Ron Ballard's service to Abberley as a Parish Councillor.

I am often asked to produce personal cerificates and celebratory scrolls.

It was a personal honour to create this one on behalf of Abberley Parish Council. Ron is a friend and neighbour, a true country gentleman who followed in his father's footsteps, serving our community selflessly for almost half a century!

It was clear that I had to include our famous clock tower, a landmark to be seen from miles around. It looks directly down onto the fields and buildings of the Ballards farm estate where the dairy herd grazed for so many years tended by Ron and his family. As a keen bird watcher I have included swallows which fill our skies from spring.

I decided to link this 'presentation address' to his father's certificate by using the same style of capital letters. Inspiration for the illumination inside each letter represents more of Ron's interests.